The Real World Hum

The truth about "The Hum" heard around the world

What is "The Real World Hum" ?

For decades people having been reporting a mysterious Hum from all corners of the Earth. Dozen of News stories have been written and produced on the subject. Speculation as to the possible origin of this noise has covered topics such as UFO's, ocean waves and even the suggestion that the Hum is only imagined and doesn't exist at all. The Real World exposes the real truth about the origin of "The Hum" heard around the world.

 The source of the Real World Hum it is quite simply explained. 

The truth is right here

"The Hum" has been the topic of many news Stories that span decades and there has been plenty of speculation as to the origin of this mysterious noise. The theories range from almost believable to utterly outrageous and ridiculous. Some people even believe that "the Hum" isn't a noise at all. They actually think that the Hum is a noise that is created in the human brain and therefore has no source or origin other than imagination.

For Earth lovers

Some things you need to know

 The origin of "The Hum" quite simply put is industrial noise pollution and in particular unregulated low frequency noise generated by industrial noise polluters. 
Admittedly the world is a noisy place and in fact there are probably numerous sources of low frequency noise. Wherever there is Industry there is a potential to emit low frequency noise. Machines and devices that move and rotate, pipelines and many other things in our modern world create noise

Why should you believe this Story  ?

Consider our motives

Despite the fact that there are probably a number of different "Real World Hums" one of the most prolific and widespread "real world Hums" comes from Natural Gas Pipelines.
Where ever there are people there is natural gas. Wherever there is natural gas there are pipelines and wherever there are natural gas pipelines there is The Real World Hum.

That's a pretty bold statement ! For some people it is impossible to make a connection from natural gas to "The Hum" heard around the world. In fact ,the evidence is overwhelming and leaves absolutely no doubt.

At this point you may decide to hit the back button and leave or continue to believe that ocean waves, fish farts, or UFO's are primarily responsible for ' The Hum'. The other option is to look at the information that will be available on this with an open mind and give it serious consideration.

This Website is not anti Pipeline or Fossil fuel in particular, although we do believe that the sooner the world moves on to better cleaner energy sources the better off we will all be.  What we are however is people who's live have been negatively impacted by the Real World Hum.

Our goal is simple. We wish to shed light on the subject of unregulated low frequency noise generated by industrial noise polluters until they are forced to accept responsibility and make changes to they ways in which they operate. Should we succeed what we stand to gain is a better world for everyone, an end to the sheer misery of being a "Hum Sufferer" and have our lives return to normal.