The Truth about "The Hum" heard around the world




Our commitment to You the reader

This Website is provide for educational purposes and is intended to educate the general public about what is causing the Hum heard around the world.

The truth ...

This information provided on this Site is factual and truthful. We are not a part of any activist group and we are not funded by anyone. Our motives are pure and we have not sensationalized anything to win your over. Our best case scenario would be to have the natural gas industry acknowledge that what they are doing is a real problem and make changes.

Keeping it simple

Our intention is to raise awareness about industrial noise pollution in the form of low frequency noise generated by natural gas compressors. The information here has in some cases been summarized in order to make it easy to read and understand. If you require more detailed information please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

Our Appreciation

The "Real World Hum" affects people differently. For some, it has no visible affects and cannot be heard. For others it is devastating and life changing. Regardless of how you fit in we thank you for taking the time to learn how industrial noise pollution in the form of infra-sound and low frequency noise negatively affects human health and wellness.

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