Natural Gas Compressors vs Wildlife

Here are some examples of how noise, including low frequency noise from natural gas compressor stations affects wildlife. The links to the original stories are provided as a reference. Images are sourced from of Wikipedia Commons.




After Four Decades of Conservative Governments

Alberta's Directive 38 fails to protect wildlife

Directive 038 | Alberta Energy Regulator

1.2.3 Industrial Noise and Domestic Animals and Wildlife 
Landowners and residents often express concern about the impact of industrial noise on 
domestic animals and wildlife. While not the basis for these requirements, the EUB continues 
to examine peer-reviewed scientific literature and has concluded to date that typical industrial 
noise regulated under its jurisdiction does not significantly impact the physiology and 
habituation patterns of animals over the long term. The literature does suggest that animals 
might temporarily avoid an area until they become familiar with or acclimatized to industrial 

Songbirds' reproductive success reduced by natural gas compressor noise 

Penn State News
Jeff Mulhollem - February 18, 2021

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Noise pollution from gas compressors changes abundance of insects, spiders

Florida Museum
 by Natalie van Hoose • May 9, 2017 

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Alberta compressor station noise affects pairing success and age structure of ovenbirds

Journal of Applied Ecology
Lucas Habib, Erin M. Bayne, Stan Boutin

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Noise pollution affects even the smallest wildlife

The Wildlife Society

By Dana Kobilinsky
Posted on May 31, 2017

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Birds exposed to noise of natural gas compressors show symptoms similar to PTSD

Florida Museum of Natural History

Peer-Reviewed Publication
News Release 8-Jan-2018

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Owls' ability to hunt impaired by noise, research shows


By John R. Platt
June 06, 2016

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